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Interactive Samples

DTLR VILLA Sample Course
DTLR | VILLA came to us with a commonly-asked request: can you help us convert an existing instructor-led training into e-Learning? Absolutely! In the resulting e-Learning courses, we not only made the content come to life interactively, but used their amazing brand to make it pop.
VHDA Sample Course
In the Virginia Housing “New Associate Orientation” series, our mission was to chunk down an existing PDF handbook into sections, transcript each section for e-Learning, and then use those scripts as the basis for a visually-pleasing and interactive online learning experience.
ASOS Sample Course
ASOS needed help creating an engaging and playful new hire orientation to match the demographic of its employees. In this e-course, we leveraged the branching capabilities of Articulate Storyline to allow learners to “chart their own path” through the e-Learning.

Scenario + Story Samples

IATA Scenario Demo
In the IATA series of e-Learning courses, we took learners on a journey to Hawaii to learn how IATA works with travel and cargo agencies, security operations, airlines, and more. In this course, learners reviewed how airports, airlines, and cargo and security operations all work together to create the travel experience.
Cameron K. Gallagher Story Demo
The Cameron K. Gallagher (CKG) Foundation works within the community to cultivate awareness and understanding of teenage depression and anxiety. Our pro-bono contribution to their mission was to create an online resource that educates parents, teachers, and teens on mental wellness, and acts as a lasting resource for those in the community.
Boys and Girls Clubs Story Demo
The Boys & Girls Clubs supports and develops young people in the community, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, with an educational and welcoming community space. Our pro-bono contribution was to create a course that educates the community about what the club has to offer by taking a virtual “tour” through one of its clubs.

Simulation Samples

VCU Health Software Simulation Demo
VCU Health contacted us during preparations to roll out a new performance evaluation tool throughout the organization. Storyline gave us the tools we needed to not only create interactive screen recordings of the tool, but also an engaging way to teach the new processes.
Assisting Families of Inmates Simulation Demo
Assisting Families of Inmates provides visitation services for families of incarcerated loved ones. In this pro-bono community project, we helped curb help desk calls to AFOI by developing an online tutorial to guide families through the Department of Corrections application process.
Yukon Training Simulation Demo
Our former sister company, Yukon Training, now owned by Red Nucleus is known for advancing knowledge to improve lives. They requested we upgrade an existing soft skills simulation…away from Flash and modern in design. The result is an amazing, immersive learning experience.

Mobile + Micro Samples

Bobbi Brown Micro Course Demo
Bobbi Brown contacted us to help bring their New Artistry online training to life. We helped by providing mobile-friendly micro-learning that allows artists to take the training on the floor in short bursts. Each course can also be used as refresher training throughout the artist’s career.
University of Georgia Mobile Course Demo
SNAP-Ed’s Food eTalk program provides Georgians with free ideas on keeping their families healthy by making nutritious food choices on a budget. In this project, we leveraged a clean, sleek mobile design customized for use on smartphones in six interactive, online lessons all capped off with a game to reinforce the learning.
La Mer Micro Course Demo
La Mer provides one-of-a-kind service to its customers…and the training they provide for their La Mer Experts is no different. In this partnership, we developed a series of micro-learning courses for use on iPads. And because learners work at the point of sale, without audio narration.

Want to See More Samples?

Would you like to see something a little different than what we’re allowed to post here? Or perhaps get a customized demo of our capabilities? We’d love the opportunity to show you our past development work, detailing the background of each story…the best way to do this is with an online demo. Contact us now to schedule a demo and we’ll get right back to you!

Professional Voice Talent

Yukon Learning provides a wide variety of talent and the highest quality voice-over narration for your e-Learning. Listen to samples of our amazing voice talent below, and let us know which is the best fit for your project.