Professional Voice
Talent for Your
E-Learning Projects

The quality of your narration can mean the difference between a good course and a GREAT course. We’d rather not take chances!

Yukon Learning provides a wide variety of talent and the highest quality voice-over narration for your e-learning. Listen to samples of our amazing voice talent below, and let us know which is the best fit for your project.


Are you hoping for a more formal or traditional tone for your course? Sample our formal options below!


Note: Only available for micro courses, updates, and scenario characters


Are you hoping for a more conversational or casual tone for your course? Sample our casual options below!

Are you using Text-to-Speech instead of professional voice-over narration for your e-learning project?

Want to review the available Text-to-Speech currently available in Articulate 360?

We’re happy to help – send us a quick note and we’ll send you a link to those samples!