Refreshing Legacy 
E-Learning Courses

I have an old, legacy course that needs to be updated and refreshed. Perhaps you only have the published files, or you used another vendor? Explore how we can help!

The Background

Iron Mountain, a long-time customer, first partnered with us in 2015 after attending our hands-on Articulate Storyline training. Following the training, they reached out to ask for advice with a problem they were having. They only had the published files for a course that had been created by another vendor. Without those all-important source files, they couldn’t figure out how to make updates to the course. Unfortunately, this is a common issue our customers face: when they work with other vendors, they don’t receive the source files.

Side note: Every custom development customer of ours receives the source files that our developers used to build the course.

The Ask

With Iron Mountain, we discussed a few options: we could recreate the course as closely as possible, or we could rebuild it from scratch. With a new build, we could also move it from the original PowerPoint to Articulate Storyline, enabling us to make the course more interactive and engaging for learners (rather than bulleted lists on slides). Another request was for Iron Mountain to be able to quickly and easily “white-label” the course as needed for their customers.

The Work

To start the rebuild process, we designed and developed a custom and branded template (or look and feel) for the new training in Articulate Storyline. We used extensive color and font themes during the template phase to make customer branding updates easier.

Concurrently, we updated the transcript to add a conversational and transitional tone throughout the content, helping to “drive” learners through the course. From there, we moved into designing and developing a modern, engaging, and interactive course with professional voice-over narration.

View a sample of a custom version of the course we updated for one of Iron Mountain’s customers.

The Yukon Learning Team

E-Learning is rapidly evolving in terms of style and sophistication. We’re constantly surrounded by examples of the latest design best practices, in the websites we use and the media we consume. These examples set the bar for all of our user experiences, e-learning included. Practices, such as a bullet points, that may have passed muster in years past now fall well short of what it now takes to keep learners engaged.

Ming Yang

Role on project: Creative Lead

I love working with older course content because there are typically many ways to make improvements. In this case, the original course was developed with bulleted lists on every slide. So, there were lots of opportunities to add value from a script perspective: from adding transitional statements and interactivity ideas to chunking the content into smaller sections and incorporating learning objectives and knowledge check assessments.

Brooke Schepker

Role on project: Instructional Designer

When a project like this reaches the development team, it’s so fascinating to see how much a course can transform. The development team works hard to bring the content to life in new and fresh ways while maintaining the integrity of the original course. In particular, this one has such a fresh, clean and timeless feel that we love putting our name on!

Katie Nail

Role on project: Director, Development

Next Steps

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