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The Background

The Halal Shack brings New York City street food to universities, one locally-sourced and humane meal at a time. Employees are typically college students who crave modern training methods over printed paper-based manuals.

The Ask

The customer wanted a new, modern way of distributing recipe cards and other daily operating procedures to restaurant teams. It’s wasn’t traditional e-learning in the sense that learners start at the beginning and move through to the end, nor was it a “one and done” type of learning experience. Instead, employees needed to be able to quickly jump in and learn or refresh their memories as needed. And, because the content is frequently updated, anything complex or time-consuming was out of the question. We needed a solution that was quick to implement, responsive on mobile devices, and modern in design…enter Articulate Rise 360.

The Work

During this collaboration, we helped The Halal Shack design and develop a unique look and feel for the series. We also provided instructional design services to reimagine the existing content chunking, copywriting services to make sure the language was consistent throughout the procedures, and course development to bring it all to life.

View a sample of the initial design mockup of the Operations Manual conversion.

The Yukon Learning Team

Developing in Rise 360 allows us to use a different skill set than we use when developing Storyline 360 courses. Our goal for The Halal Shack’s project was to create a modern, mobile-friendly course that could be updated as quickly as their business’ needs changed. By incorporating branded imagery and instructional video, we were able to develop a comprehensive series of e-learning courses that their team was able to implement immediately. Not only that, but we continue to assist with updates for The Halal Shack team as their company grows and branding evolves.

Raye Shilen

Role on project: Developer

Next Steps

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