Getting Started
After Training

I know how to use the Articulate 360 tools, but I need help getting started. Do you offer template design, consultation support, or course reviews? Absolutely! Learn more here!

The Background

CommunityCare provides cost-effective, high-quality healthcare coverage and healthcare management services to local Oklahoma communities. Their new hire training program lasted 6-8 weeks and was primarily instructor-led, in-person training. The CommunityCare team wanted to move portions of this new hire training online…with the ultimate goal of creating an online library of self-paced courses for internal employees.

The Ask

Like many customers, the CommunityCare training team didn’t just want us to do it for them…they wanted to learn alongside us, building their internal e-learning design and development capabilities along the way. Enter the Yukon Learning blended solution program!

The Work

During our partnership, we developed everything their team would need to start developing courses internally. We started by designing a custom Articulate Storyline 360 template with different slide layouts. From there, we moved into developing a full system-simulation course as an example of how to apply their content to the template we designed. The goal was for the team to work with us through the content and development process, learning the ins and outs of e-learning design and development cycles. But, that’s not all!

The most important step, in our opinion, was the final part of our blended solution program: providing those assets back to the CommunityCare team so they can use them to create a course on their own. Our team provided support along the way, as well as a final design and development review of the CommunityCare-built course, with recommendations for improvement. It’s one of our favorite ways to work with customers, teaching them how to use the tools effectively and setting them up for further success. View the CommunityCare sample from the custom template we created as part of this blended solution.

The Yukon Learning Team

When I build templates for Yukon team members, I can lay foundations, confident in the knowledge that they don’t need nor want me to do more, lest I hinder their own expression of the course content. With a template built for a customer’s internal use, far more attention must be given to their use case. For example, what elements does the template need to contain to ensure the end result is aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound? From there, I work to develop something that’s easy enough for the customer to manipulate, yet modern and clean in design.

Ming Yang

Role on project: Design Lead

Building a course from scratch can sometimes be overwhelming for someone new to the tool. But when you have a strong foundation, with a template and starter file, it can really alleviate that stress. Seeing how the customer brought their own content to life with the starter file and little bit of one-on-one guidance was such a rewarding experience.

Will Darden

Role on project: Developer & Reviewer

Next Steps

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